Canyon to Canyon Stage Race

Course Description

Day 1 (Start Hotel Mansion Tarahumara): The most challenging day distance wise. Just over 33 miles with a little bit of everything. Starting at the edge of the actual Copper Canyon and running along the rim from the start until you descend down a river valley. A couple of challenging technical climbs in the early middle, by a nice gradual down stretch over the later part of the fist day as you get closer to Cerocahui. Then an ‘up and over’ before you drop down into town and finish up at the Cerocahui Plaza

Day 2 (Start Cerocahui Mission Plaza): What a day you have in store! You’ll end up back here in a couple of days via a different route back, but today you will run on some amazing single track, heading up into the oaks and pines of the Sierra and finishing in the warmth of the bottom of Urique Canyon. Oh the views you will cover over those 28 or so miles!

Day 3 (Urique Area): Not exactly a loop, but a great tour of the Urique Canyon then over across the river and on the Caballo Blanco trail toward Batopilas. Awesome trails, a nice run along the river, a couple of legitimate climbs and a mountain oasis with the best grapefruit on the planet. As you make your way back into town, you can guarantee the whole of Urique will be there to cheer you on to the finish. Get rested up because there is a fun party in town tonight. Total miles ran today about 27.

Day 4 (Urique to Cerocahui Plaza): The final day. Not too many miles, but it’s going to be a tough effort on tired legs. Look up from the start at the highest mountain you see - that’s where you are headed. The good news, once back up into the Sierra your final miles are down to Cerocahui on one of the most scenic trails on the course-including a pit stop for a picture and a dip under an 85 ft waterfall if you want to get a nice ‘wake up burst’. A couple of miles more the plaza and Festival await!


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1.     All necessary Transportation from El Paso Texas Host Hotels to the Copper Canyons and return to El Paso Texas.   
2.     Entry and all fees for all days racing     
3.     All nights Lodging during the trip:
Three nights total lodging at Hotel Mansion Tarahumara (based on double occupancy) 
Two nights in Urique Hotel (various locations) 
One night Hotel Mision Cerocahui 

4.     All Breakfast and Dinners throughout the trip (traditional Tarahumara aid station foods on course) 
5.     All day admission and unlimited zipline and tram rides, and line jump at Parque de Adventura 
6.     Admission to nightly cultural entertainment and events (music, dance, after parties, etc) as well as the Cerocahui Cultural Festival  
7.     Custom handmade finisher awards and special event gift 


All inclusive: $1895 until September 14th, $2195 after

All inclusive provide own transportation: $1595 until September 14th, $1895 after 

Friends, Amigos, Norwa (Sponsors)